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History Quiz
This can't be true, can it? What do you think?

Try our history quiz about young factory workers in the 19th century, and then click 'How did I do?'.

How did I do?

What your score means

All 10 questions right
Congratulations! You must be an historian or you have great intuition. Either way, you know a lot about the awful conditions young workers faced back in the 19th century. Spare them a thought and thank your lucky stars that things are different now.

6-9 questions right
Well done! Not too bad at all. You know a fair bit about the atrocious conditions young people used to work in back in the 19th Century. Perhaps things were even worse than you thought they were. Look back at the questions you got wrong and try to imagine what it was really like back then.

5 and under
Okay. You had a go. Perhaps you're an idealist and like to think of things as being better than they really are. It is sad, but true, that working conditions for young people really were as harsh and brutal as they can get. The good news is that things did change and slowly but surely, working conditions improved.

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