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Shop Damage - [Other case studies]

"Ouch! I've learnt my lesson."

A work experience student was working in a clothes shop. After stock had been delivered the clothes had to be unpacked and steamed and hung up to get the fold creased out before going into the shop. The student had helped with this and had been shown how to use the steamer but hadn't been allowed to use it. As she was again helping with this task, the supervisor using the steamer was called away. Thinking she knew what to do, and being keen to impress, the student started to use the steamer. She was just feeling confident when she stumbled over one of the packaging boxes and badly scalded her arm requiring medical treatment.

Who is to blame?

The student?
Partly, as she shouldn't have used hazardous equipment without permission and only then when supervised.

The supervisor?
Partly, as she should have been emphasising health and safety throughout.

The manager/employer?
Partly, as they should have made sure that the supervisor had sufficient knowledge, training and experience to supervise the student.

What happened next?

“I have reviewed our procedures and made improvements in our training programme."

“I'll know not to be so trusting again. In future Health and Safety will be my top priority."

"Ouch! I've learnt my lesson."

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