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Managing the Health & Safety of Young Workers : Why Health and Safety is so Important

Preventing accidents and health damage
Whatever sort of business you are, the underlying aim of good health and safety management is to make sure that people's safety is not put at risk and that their health is not damaged.

Remember, attention to health and safety is not just about obeying the law and being socially responsible. It also makes good business sense.

Action on health and safety can:

  • reduce your accident losses;
  • cut absenteeism;
  • improve your profit and loss statement;
  • help you become more efficient; and
  • improve your business profile with customers, clients, insurers, enforcers etc.

The key to ensuring the safety and health of young people in the workplace is having a good health and safety management system which protects everyone. But young people can be at particular risk because they lack experience and trained judgement and thus they need good advice, information and supervision.

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