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Remember how you felt when you first started school? You just didn't know what to expect or if you would make friends with anyone. But you soon got used to it, and you did make friends. It was all a bit exciting, too, because you were growing up.

In the same way that you made new friends at school, you will make new friends at work.

Remember how you felt when you left your Junior school to start your Senior school? It was a big step. Again you were uncertain about what was going to happen to you - that strange mixture of sadness and excitement. You were leaving so much behind: teachers, friends, safe routines, and familiar surroundings. But after a few weeks, you were okay again. You didn't feel alone and you had got into the new routines with new friends at your side. Well, starting work is a bit like that.

Everyone has a degree of 'fear' going into an unknown situation. Suddenly, you're the baby again - the new kid on the block. Everyone around you seems to know what they are doing and you just haven't got a clue. But on the other hand, you're not a school kid any more. You're growing up and there's a whole future ahead of you and, at last, you're going to get paid a proper wage. In the same way that you made new friends at school, you will make new friends at work.

When there are big changes in your life you are bound to feel stressed. One of the best ways of dealing with this kind of stress is to be willing to ask for help. Don't sit and worry, ask someone else.

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