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25 Foot Fall
18 year old employee breaks pelvis, thigh and elbow while changing a light bulb. Company fined £24,000 plus costs.

Changing a light bulb resulted in a broken pelvis, thigh and elbow for a young cinema employee.

The 18 year old was using a mobile scaffolding frame to change light bulbs in the Cinema foyer. However, the scaffolding had not been erected properly and had no stabilisers attached to it. When the structure wobbled, the teenager fell 25 feet, sustaining multiple injuries.

Changing a light bulb resulted in a broken pelvis, thigh and elbow for a young cinema employee.Who was to blame?

The teenager?
NO - The teenager was not to blame as he shouldn't have been given this job to do with this equipment because of his young age. Also, he had not been properly trained.

The supervisor?
His supervisor was partly to blame as she shouldn't have given the teenager this job.

The employer?
YES - The employer was to blame as they did not have adequate health and safety policies and procedures in place. The employer had also been fined £10,000 less than a year earlier when an employee fell from a ladder and fractured their wrist.

What happened next?

"This employer has not learnt from its mistakes. If they had, this accident would not have happened. I fined then £24,000 plus £1,400 costs.

"We've made a lot of changes to our policies and procedures to improve safety".

"I wasn't told of any age restrictions for the job or about last year's accident. I should have checked that the frame was safe though".

The Teenager
"I'm lucky to be alive. In future I won't be so keen to take a risk. Keeping safe is important".

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