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Dead Faint
Hungry Marianne falls into a dead faint [Other case studies]

Marianne, now in her late twenties, remembers her school work-experience placement well. That's because she fainted!

"I was placed on work experience at a hospital in the burns and skin problem unit. I had to help patients feed, dress and move about because they couldn't do it for themselves. It wasn't easy at first but I slowly got used to it - and, at least, I was helping people. I also had to make endless cups of tea!

"I'm sure my fainting fit could have been prevented."

One day, I had to witness a leg ulcer operation. It was a bit overwhelming, especially in view of the fact that I hadn't eaten all day. Due to nerves, I couldn't eat breakfast and I didn't bother to ask anyone if I could have a lunch break. Everyone was so busy. I was then too nervous to tell anyone that I was really, really hungry. So, I just carried on as if everything was fine.

By the time I was watching the leg ulcer operation, I was tired and desperately hungry - and perhaps a bit shocked by the procedure. So, over I went. I was more embarrassed than anything.

I'm sure my fainting fit could have been prevented. I could have done something about it myself. At the very least, I could have been more confident and said something about my lack of food. After all, I was entitled to take breaks. I wouldn't keep quiet about it now, I can tell you that for nothing!"

Speak up - don't suffer in silence

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