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Crane Horror
This young worker was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He didn't stand a chance. [Other case studies]

Investigators found that young workers were not properly trained.

The young worker was employed on a construction site when a 750kg compressor was being moved by a mobile crane at a tunnel shaft on the site. At a height of five metres, the compressor fell from its chains and onto the young man. He didn't have much of a chance being struck by such a heavy weight falling from a height - and he died from his injuries.

What happened?
Investigators found that young workers were not properly trained or even properly appointed to their jobs. This construction company had a poor attitude to health and safety and did not always follow correct safety procedures. This cost one young worker his life.

With thanks to Carole Booker (HM Acting Principal Inspector of Health and Safety) Birmingham HSE for listings.

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