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Visiting the Placement Provider

Logical Thoughts
Gut feelings are helpful but you cannot rely on them totally. You need to be much more professional and methodical about placement providers and placement sites.

You need to do a risk assessment - but only if you know how.

Yes. I'm competent and I can do this
If you are competent to carry out a risk assessment of a work place, and this means that you will have had, at the very least, adequate health and safety training, then you can do this for yourself.

No. I haven't a clue where to start!
If you have not had health and safety training then you are not competent to carry out a risk assessment - and certainly not one as important as a potential work placement site for pupils. You will need to do this with someone who can.

Who can I turn to?

  • Colleagues who are competent and trained in health and safety - especially those who have had some industrial experience
  • The potential placement providers themselves.

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