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Increasing number of children injured at work

More than 100 children aged 15 and under have been injured while working outside school over the past four years.

Figures released by Work and Pensions Minister Anne McGuire in response to a Parliamentary question revealed that 34 children aged up to 15 years were injured at work in 2005/06, compared to 23 in 2004/05, 29 in 2003/04 and 17 in 2002/03.

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Vulnerable Worker Commission evidence wanted – 30th November deadline

Unions, organisations and individuals are being invited to submit evidence to the TUC's Commission on Vulnerable Employment (COVE).

COVE cites younger workers as a group at greater risk of vulnerability at work alongside other groups such as agency workers and migrant workers. The Commission is particularly keen to hear from frontline staff working with vulnerable people, and those with personal experience of exploitation in the workplace. The Commission, whose membership includes employers and representatives from the voluntary sector as well as senior trade unionists, will report next year.

Respond to the consultation here

Fine out more on COVE here

TUC Youth winner 2007

The TUC announced the winners of its prestigious 'Reps of the Year Awards' at its annual Congress in Brighton in September, with the Congress Award for Youth being awarded to Russell Fraser (from Brent).

The awards recognise the outstanding achievements of union reps in representing women, learning at work, health and safety, youth work, and union organising. The winners received their awards from the Prime Minister.

The full winners list and details of their achievements is online at the TUC site

Young managers feel holiday stress

New research from Investors in People (IiP) shows that just over half of employees report working extra hours in the run up to taking annual leave, with young workers feeling more pressured than their older counterparts.

The study revealed that only 21% of 18-24 year old managers said that they are confident that colleagues would be handling things effectively while they were away, and that young workers left in the office feel more pressured when a colleague is on holiday.

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Safety goes down the YouTube

Health and safety has joined the YouTube generation with the emergence of VideoOSH, an occupational health and safety resource put together by Marc Weinstein of Florida International University's Center for Labor Research and Studies.

Marc explains, “The VideoOSH channel is your take-off point to identify ideas, training materials, and information on occupational safety and health. Your comments are valuable as are your contributions. These contributions can be your own material or suggestions and links to new YouTube content.”

You can also subscribe to get updates on new content. So it's interactive, free, useful and a lot less boring than most safety guff!

Take a look at the introduction here

See the full playlist on YouTube

Young people could lose out in Olympic construction, warns UCATT

Construction union UCATT has warned that the recruitment of self-employed workers by contractors proposed by the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) could deprive young workers and lead to unsafe working practices.

Construction unions led by UCATT have argued that the Olympics should be built with 100 per cent directly employed labour. They argue bogus self-employment occurs through the Inland Revenue’s Construction Industry Scheme, and the self-employment tax scheme for the construction industry is habitually abused, which can lead to denial of holiday or sick pay, pension contributions and employment rights for workers.

Alan Ritchie, general secretary of UCATT, sees young workers as a group who will particularly lose out in this case, and is increasing pressure on the ODA to ensure that fair working practices are introduced for the Olympics.

Read his comments at the UCATT site

Student assessed explosion factory’s pipes

Risk assessments on buried gas pipes at a Glasgow factory where nine people died in an explosion were carried out by a student on a holiday job.

A £400,000 fine was imposed on ICL Plastics and ICL Tech following a two-day hearing at the High Court in Glasgow, during which the operators had pleaded guilty to health and safety breaches. During the trial, it emerged that a student on a summer work placement had carried out risk assessments on the buried gas pipes at the factory that were later the source of the accident. The repairs which should have been carried out on the buried pipe would have cost an estimated £450.

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Employing young workers

With the release of GCSE and A-level results over the summer meaning new additions to workforces all over the country, Workplace Law has issued guidance on what considerations employers need to have when employing young people.

The information includes legal definitions of young person, and current young workers legislation such as the National Minimum Wage Act 1999, and the Working Time Regulations 1998.

It can be accessed on the Workplace Law website


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The information on accidents and prosecutions featured in this section comes from a number of different sources including the Health and Safety Executive and regional and national newspapers.

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"Undertaking some form of limited work while still at school can be an excellent way for young people to learn new skills and earn some money, but it is essential that workplaces are suitable and safe for children."

Annette Brooke MP, Liberal Democrats


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