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Youth Parliament elections

Elections for the UK Youth Parliament (UKYP) are taking place in many constituencies all over the country during the next few weeks. UKYP offers young people a chance to have their say on national and local issues and has already had an impact on government policy.

Each Local Education Authority (LEA) has its own MYP (Member of Youth Parliament) and anyone aged 11-18 can stand or vote in the elections, most of which are happening sometime between December 2008 and April 2009.

To find out more visit:



Safety podcasts

HSE now offers podcasts which are free to download. Currently there are three podcasts available: the first is an interview with Judith Hackett, Chair of the HSE, in which she discusses health and safety leadership.

The second podcast looks at using vehicles at work and the resources available on the HSE website. The third podcast looks at stress at work and the activities of HSE’s Info-line.

You can listen to the podcasts three ways; by downloading them to your PC, subscribing so that they are automatically downloaded to your MP3 player, or by listening online.



Farming campaign asks workers to come home safe

A new campaign aiming to prevent accidents on farms has been launched by HSE. Make the promise. Come Home Safe, highlights the high number of deaths and injuries that happen to agricultural workers and the effect this has on families. 42 people died on farms in 2007/08.

The campaign asks farm workers to make a pledge to “come home safe” by not taking unnecessary risks and equipping themselves with the knowledge and help available to them. Free information packs, including a symbolic ‘promise knot’ are available at:



National apprenticeship week

23-27th February 2009 sees the second National Apprenticeship Week held in the UK. The event forms part of the government’s drive to encourage more businesses to offer apprenticeships and will involve a publicity campaign with adverts fronted by Sir Alan Sugar.

As well as promoting the benefits of apprenticeships, National Apprenticeships Week is also a chance to celebrate the success of apprentices. 27 February is the closing date for nominations for the National Apprenticeship Awards 2009. A useful new website contains details of the awards plus a huge amount of information on apprenticeships, including the latest vacancies:


Rise in young people drink driving

RoSPA has renewed its call for stricter alcohol limits when driving, after an 11 % increase in under-25s failing breath tests over the Christmas period.

According to the Association of Chief Police Officers, 48,214 young people were breathalysed during December 2008 and 2,709 tested positive or refused to take the test which was an increase of 11 % on the previous year.

RoSPA is campaigning for the legal alcohol limit to be reduced, arguing that it would save around 65 lives each year.

In addition, 481 field impairment tests were carried out to see if drivers were under the influence of drugs. More than 28 per cent of those tested were arrested.

More information on drug and drink-driving can be found at: and



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The information on accidents and prosecutions featured in this section comes from a number of different sources including the Health and Safety Executive and regional and national newspapers.


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“In the current economic climate it is vital we continue to provide young people with a clear path into skilled work. For many young people an apprenticeship will provide an ideal pathway to successful employment. We must make sure we can meet demand so that more people can benefit and earn while they learn.”

Children, Schools and Families Secretary, Ed Balls


"Young people lack experience in the workplace and knowledge of workplace dangers. It is therefore vitally important that a proper assessment is carried out to identify the risks to which they will be exposed and ensure proper control measures are in place, therefore ensuring their safety and that of other employees. This is common sense, good business practice and a legal requirement."

HSE inspector, Lindsey Reid


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