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Unemployment hits young workers

As unemployment hits the headlines, analysis by the Trades Union Congress (which represents Britain’s trade unions) has found that young workers are being hit the hardest.

The investigation found that workers aged 18-24 are more likely to be unemployed for longer than those aged 25-50, with young men being more likely to be out of work for up to six months and young women for 6-12 months. The TUC predicts that the problem will get worse over the next few months.

There was also a rise in the number of NEET’s (under 25 year olds who are Not in Education, Employment or Training) to over half a million, according to official figures.



Youth Week

The Prince’s Trust held its annual National Youth Week this month. The week aims to challenge the view that young people have a negative impact on society.

Running between the 15th – 21st November, various activities will take place all over the country to highlight the positive contribution Britain’s youth make to the world around them. Events focus on introducing young people to the world of work including sport, retail, construction and even politics, with young people shadowing their local MP for the day.

To get involved, you can join the Young Ambassadors scheme or sign the Youth Week Pledge online to commit to changing perceptions of young people.

Find out more at:

European Youth Week was also held this month. The event, run by the European Commission (the governing body of the European Union), encourages young people across Europe to give feedback and contribute their ideas to the work of the EU.

The central event was based in Brussels but activities took place all over Europe, including concerts, debates and competitions in the UK.

Find out more at:

To get involved and give your own views see



Campaign launched to protect shopworkers from abuse

Shopworkers’ union, Usdaw, has launched a campaign to tackle the levels of violence and abuse suffered by shopworkers. According to a survey by the union, one in every ten shopworkers has been physically assaulted at work, and an act or threat of violence against a shopworker occurs every minute of the working day.

The Freedom from Fear campaign aims to publicise these shocking results so that employers and the government will take steps to improve the safety of workers. Central to the campaign is Respect for Shopworkers Week which took place in early November.

You can take part in Usdaw’s Retail Staff Survey at:

Or download campaign materials at:


Dragons’ Den for young entrepreneurs

A version of Dragons’ Den for young people takes place in London on November 20th. Mini Mogul offers entrepreneurs aged 13-19 the chance to pitch their ideas to a panel and win £3,000 to set up their own business.

The event is being organised by the organisation Youth Skills Network with backing from the government’s Youth Opportunity Fund. It aims to encourage enterprise and improve career prospects for young people in the borough of Hackney.



Healthy Workplaces Quiz

Coleraine Borough Council's Environmental Health Department has developed a Healthy Workplaces Quiz for Year 11 students and above. The quiz was created as part of the European Campaign for Safety and Health at Work 2008-09 which focuses on risk assessment.

You can download the quiz at:



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The information on accidents and prosecutions featured in this section comes from a number of different sources including the Health and Safety Executive and regional and national newspapers.


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“Young people are more likely to do voluntary work than any other age group. But all too often their efforts go unnoticed under a shadow of negative headlines. We need to celebrate our nation’s youth. If we stop believing in our young people, young people will stop believing in themselves.”

Martina Milburn, chief executive of The Prince’s Trust



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