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Employers urged to give young people a safe start

As part of Norwich Union's 'Simply Safety' campaign, a one-page downloadable guide (pdf) has been produced advising trades on how to give young people a safe and productive start in the working environment.

The campaign is urging employers to be more aware of their legal responsibilities for health and safety when taking on young people at work.

Download the guide here

New qualification to help students become safe learners

Academic and vocational qualifications awarding body Edexcel has launched Safe Learner, a new programme developed to provide students undertaking a work placement with the knowledge and understanding of potential risks and hazards in their workplace.

Students who complete the Safe Learner programme will be recognised with a Level 2 BTEC Award in Safe Learning in the Workplace. The programme’s learning materials are delivered online, where learners guide a virtual “friend” through the hazards of a series of workplace scenarios. The student participates in interactive exercises and completes health and safety theory and self assessment questions.

To find out more, visit the Safe Learner website

Risk assessment factsheets published

The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work has released a selection of publications surrounding the safety and health at work of young workers and students on work experience placements.

Click on the title of interest to be redirected to the relevant factsheet:

Hazards and risks in the retail trade: advice for young workers

Worker safety representatives and the protection of young workers

Work experience schemes: advice for educators on health and safety

A statistical portrait of the health and safety at work of young workers

Protecting children and young people on farms: advice for farmers

Prevention of work-related stress in the education sector

Checklist for the prevention of accidents in laboratories (deals with EU legislation on laboratory safety, particularly as it relates to pregnant and young workers)

Driver testing and training overhaul

Young people learning to drive could become safer drivers if proposals to change the way people learn to drive and how they are tested, currently being put forward by the Government, are accepted.

The aim of the proposals is to create safer drivers for life by strengthening the current learning and testing procedures, and creating a culture of extended and advanced learning.

Kevin Clinton, Head of Road Safety at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, said of the proposals: “As well as experience, we have to address issues such as: attitude - because young drivers often drive in risky ways; hazard perception - because they often over-estimate their ability to avoid hazards and assess risks; and peer pressure - as the risk of crashes increases in line with the number of passengers in the vehicle. These are things which could be tackled in schools and colleges as part of a foundation course in safe road use.”

Consultation on the proposals ends in September.

For more information click here

Ellesmere Port kids welcome health & safety message

A group of 18 five and six year old pupils from Christchurch Primary and Junior School in Ellesmere Port have proved you are never too young to learn about construction techniques and health and safety. The youngsters were given a tour of the Meres Edge development in Helsby, where site manager Howard Anthony explained to them about how new properties are built and how important it is to be health and safety aware on site.

Site manager Howard said: "We regularly invite small groups of school children onto our sites to see how houses are built. We always welcome the opportunity to tell youngsters about the dangers of construction sites.”

Read more here


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The information on accidents and prosecutions featured in this section comes from a number of different sources including the Health and Safety Executive and regional and national newspapers.

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“It’s absolutely essential that anyone about to embark on a work placement be conscious of the health and safety risks that exist in every workplace Learners should be able to understand how hazards are identified, assessed and controlled.”
John Kelly, Head of Trident at Edexcel

"Of course, the real people who need training are the employers and no employer should be able to take on a young person unless they can show they are, at the very least, in compliance with basic health and safety law."
Hilda Palmer, spokeswoman for Families Against Corporate Killers (FACK)

"Accidents are the greatest single threat to the life of children and young people. A combined lack of experience and maturity can provide a lethal combination - especially in the workplace."
Phil Grace, Liability Risk Manager for Norwich Union

"New drivers are keen to gain the freedom driving offers them to access further education, jobs or keep in touch with family and friends. But too many new drivers are involved in road accidents and are not properly prepared for driving alone.
Ruth Kelly, Secretary of State for Transport



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