Young Workers

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Managing the Health & Safety of Young Workers : Information for Mentors

Your Role:
Your role is to look after the young person you have been allocated as though they were your son or daughter.

It is very easy to forget that young people do not always appreciate the risks involved in an activity. They may:

  • be physically and psychologically immature;
  • lack awareness of the risks involved in the work they may be asked to do;
  • be ignorant of risks associated with plant, equipment and substances;
  • be eager to impress or to please;
  • and have a tendency to high spirits.


  • What you teach this person now is their foundation for their future working life. Teach them the right way
  • If you take short cuts, you may have the knowledge and skills to deal with problems. The young person won't be able to do that. Teach them the right way.
  • A young person starting work will be eager to please. Encourage them to ask questions about the risks and precautions of the job.
  • Encourage them to discuss and report any hazards they see
  • Tell them it is OK to say 'no' if they are unsure of what to do.
  • Reinforce the need to wear the correct equipment and to use the correct precautions.

You have a big responsibility - Make the most of it.

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